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School’s Cool is a 72 Hour School Readiness Program for 3 – 5 Year Olds

School’s Cool is a short, life-changing program that has a tremendous impact on school readiness for children. There are skills that are critical to success in kindergarten (such as language, math, psychological, self-help and social skills). Children who attend a School’s Cool program increase those skills, on average, by over 50 weeks during this six-week program! Boards of education have seen that those gains are sustainable in higher grades, resulting in higher EDI and grade 3 testing scores. School’s Cool gives children self-confidence and puts them on a trajectory for success!

School’s Cool has a 72 hour play-based curriculum with over 120 skill building activities. Learn about our Developmental Checklist which shows exactly what skills each child has upon entering the program, provides a road map for building the specific skills needed for school, and measures the increases when the child finishes the program. Understand the philosophy which underpins everything we do. Find out how easy it is to get training online that allows you to run an effective School’s Cool program – or to put those skills you’ve learned into practice with your own children. Read more …

It’s amazing!  I was blown away by the results the [School’s Cool] program had.  School’s Cool actually changes children’s lives.  It changes the trajectory of their academic career … for success.

Lisa Millar, Superintendent of Education, Early Childhood and Child Care
Durham District School Board