Purchase Agreement


This School’s Cool system, online videos, materials, curriculum, books, training and all associated components are copyrighted. All rights reserved. SIRCH Community Services has the exclusive rights to the copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property relating to the School’s Cool system and resources, and it hereby grants the purchaser the right to use the School’s name and trademark in connection with the purposes of this agreement. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for use in multiple program sites is strictly prohibited.

Terms of Agreement

1. The School’s Cool system, online videos, curriculum, materials, books, training and all associated components are copyrighted. The purchaser agrees to not reproduce any parts of the School’s Cool system, as per copyright law, with the exception of those items that are explicitly stated to be reproducible (i.e. Training Workbook, program templates, etc.).

2. The program may not be translated into any language other than English without explicit permission from SIRCH Community Services and that in the event of an agreement to translate, SIRCH Community Services will have the right to approve all materials which are translated and will retail all rights to the intellectual property, copyright and trademark of the translated material unless otherwise negotiated and agreed upon.

3. Any forms and samples contained in this package are samples only and should not be construed as legal documents. SIRCH Community Services assumes no liability for use of these sample documents.

4. In no event shall SIRCH Community Services, their affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees, members, board members, shareholders, agents and contractors be liable for any claim whatsoever for any indirect, consequential or special damages which the purchaser may incur or experience as a result of carrying out the School’s Cool program and/or activities. Notwithstanding any provision of this agreement, SIRCH Community Services assumes no liability for claims, costs, losses, damages of any kind.

5. This agreement does not constitute a partnership, joint venture or agency between the parties, nor shall SIRCH Community Services be bound or become liable because of any representation, action or omission of the purchaser.