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I mean, really, 6.5 out of 15!?

The results of the Early Childhood Education Index have stirred up talk about Ontario’s performance level in the field of early learning.  Though the results are not a reflection of how much importance we place on childhood education, they certainly say a thing or two about government funding.  Is it being spent effectively?  No hesitation […]

School’s Cool for Children with Exceptionalities?

We love when School’s Cool is adapted to different settings or groups of children.  Like when schools successfully used the School’s Cool program as the first six weeks of kindergarten and found it leveled the playing field.  Or when the program proved to be very effective with  groups of children who had English as a […]

School’s Cool Makes a Difference in Durham Region

This fall, 10 elementary schools in the Durham District School Board will divide up the children who graduated this summer from their School’s Cool programs and place them in the kindergarten classrooms to act as role models to the other children.  In just six short weeks, children attending a School’s Cool program go from unprepared […]