instructor with puppetThe Program: The 72 hours of curriculum is based on a proprietary Developmental Checklist which shows exactly what skills each child has upon entry to the program, provides a road map for building on each skill needed for school, and allows you to measure the increases in skill development over the course of the program. All activities are fun, play-based and interactive. The program is appropriate and effective for all children going into Kindergarten, for children who haven’t done well in Kindergarten and need a boost, and for children who have English as a second language, or have other special challenges. Children who experience School’s Cool stay in school longer, do better and enjoy the school experience. They become excited to go to the program, engage with their peers and are proud of their accomplishments. School’s Cool really makes a difference!




The Philosophy: School’s Cool focuses on strengths and solutions. If we build on skills and strengths, children will feel good about themselves and will do the activity or behavior more often. If they do it more, they’ll get more practice; if they get more practice, they’ll master the skill. So we celebrate and acknowledge all successes, no matter how small. This philosophy extends into working with colleagues, parents and partners in the community. By looking at what’s working and taking a positive approach to any issues or concerns, it’s amazing how quickly we can find solutions.

Training: The School’s Cool System comes with 16 hours of DVD and online training. You’ll learn the way we want you to teach the School’s Cool program – by having fun, interacting and being successful. The training is extremely effective, whether you choose to run a School’s Cool program, or just put the skills you’ve learned into other areas of your life, or with your own children.

Parent Friendly:  Parents have a profound influence on children and how they do in school.  We want parents involved and enthusiastic about their children going to school.

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“My daughter did not show any interest in learning her alphabet or her numbers. She was able to take advantage of this wonderful program and I am proud to say that my daughter can now recognize letters and numbers and can write her own name.She is even starting to read simple words.
I know that we would not have been to this stage so quickly without the help of the School’s Cool Program.”
   ~ Parent