The School’s Cool Package

instructor with puppetThe School’s Cool System is a comprehensive package of resources that includes the training and curriculum necessary to run a School’s Cool program with 3 to 5 year old children. The package includes:

Self Study Training on Video – there are 7 modules (about 16 hours) of high quality training to enable you to feel confident in delivering your School’s Cool program(s). The training is jam packed with in-depth information, video footage, strategies and step-by-step instructions to deliver an effective School’s Cool program. It includes the philosophy that is used, how to be an effective facilitator, how to involve parents, using learning outcomes to improve results, implementing the curriculum and much more. It also includes exercises to ensure that you know how to apply the knowledge. The 7 modules are broken into 10 sections with the following topic titles:

  • Module 1: School’s Cool Introduction
  • Module 2: School’s Cool Philosophy & Beliefs
  • Module 3: Learning Facilitation
  • Module 4: The Solution-focused Approach
  • Module 5: Working with Parents
  • Module 6-1: Outcome-based Curriculum
  • Module 6-2: The Developmental Checklist as an Evaluation Tool
  • Module 6.3: The Developmental Checklist as a Planning Tool
  • Module 6-4: The Developmental Checklist as a Communication Tool
  • Module 7: Planning the School’s Cool Day

This self-study training is ideal for individuals or groups. Samples of the training modules can be found here.

An Instructor Training Workbook is included in the package and notes, exercises, scenarios and great information that allows you to work through the material presented in the video training.

The School’s Cool Curriculum is included in the package and contains 72 hours of planned activities, extended learning opportunities and lesson plans. Learning outcomes for every activity, along with our proprietary evaluation tool called the School’s Cool Developmental Checklist© are all part of the curriculum.

A Toolkit and Resource Manual filled with forms, resources, templates, tips and best practices is also included in the package.