About Us

Kids paintingSchool’s Cool Inc. is a social enterprise that is passionate about children succeeding in school and life. Being ready for school and excited about learning is key.

We are committed to leveling the playing field for all children entering kindergarten. We envision a world where every child has had a good start to school and is on a pathway for school success.

The School’s Cool program was born out of a desire to break the cycle of low literacy and low education prevalent in “at risk” families. The School’s Cool program uses a solution-focused approach to help give preschoolers confidence, school readiness skills, and an excitement for learning.



“We have done lots of work with and in the school in the past, but it was School’s Cool, that became the catalyst for change in our relationship with the teachers and the school district – they respect and support our daily efforts with great enthusiasm and excitement because they’ve experienced the impact of School’s Cool in their school!

It’s easy to follow the program – there’s very little that you have to create – the kit and training give you all the tools you need to run the program. The School’s Cool program, with its built in evaluation validates our efforts. It’s a very rewarding program for everyone involved – our organization, the children, the parents, the primary teachers and the school!”

Larise Calib, Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) Coordinator